Treves International business lawyer Marseille

About the Firm

From formation to closure, businesses require experienced and creative counsel not only to guide them through a labyrinth of legal issues but also to help avoid litigation.

In that regard, the best assistance from a Legal Advisor is expected.

The Treves International Law Office has been doing just that since its creation in 1958: providing full services to businesses in an exemplary fashion throughout South Eastern France with a “can do” attitude.

Whether the matter is simple or complex, whether it involves advice, negotiation, drafting contracts or bylaws … the Firm finds quick and creative solutions given the comprehensive understanding of complex legal matters affecting corporations and a practical knowledge of commercial and financial affairs.

The Firm’s presence in South Eastern France for almost half a century helps make procedures with banks, insurance companies and local and national administrations flow with relative ease.

The Firm also has experience in representing its clients before every jurisdiction in France including the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Community.

The clientele, from France and abroad, consists mainly of small and medium-sized companies and even individuals looking for a legal framework to develop their business and to protect their interest. Industrial companies call on the Firm for various services as well.

The Firm works to very high standards, always putting the client first. This is shown not only by the personal attention given, but also to constantly staying on top of each and every case.

One characteristic which distinguishes the Firm is its predisposition towards teamwork, whether it be with the client him/herself or another attorney specialized in a particular subject. The Firm’s willingness and ability to do team work is a reflection of not only it’s integrity by immediately recognizing when and where they can use a second opinion, but also of the emphasis it places on listening and being available.

Thanks to it’s existence of almost half a century, it’s ability to be a team player and its long history of networking with renowned experts across the globe, the Firm can intervene effectively and rapidly almost anywhere.

Here, tailor-made solutions are created to assist each client to make informed decisions based on an accurate understanding of risks and benefits in light of the particular situation.

Each and ever case is studied thoroughly and in depth. If a settlement is not reached, the interests of the clients are defended with steadfastness and resolution.

The results obtained are all the more facilitated by the dynamic and organized nature of our qualified team which can quickly understand and respond to the specific needs of the client with flexibility and diligence.