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Environmental international law firm

This area plays an increasingly crucial role for businesses in light of the stricter laws and regulations which can make or break any project or even a career.

The Firm helps individuals and businesses, achieve compliance with environmental laws.  Achieving that goal requires an awareness of the environmental effects of human activities and the applicability of various local, state, and national environmental laws and regulations.

We serve clients in three major areas. 

The first is counseling regarding permit requirements and regulations.  We guide clients through potential environmental liability, responding to enforcement actions, dealing with zoning and land use regulations, obtaining permits for facilities of all types (energy generation facilities, manufacturing plants, agricultural operations, bulk cargo port facilities, residential developments, marinas, hotels, food processing plants, waste incinerators etc…).

Close attention is paid to new regulations and policies.

The second area is environmental litigation.  We represent clients in cases to determine property contamination liability, resolve environmental disputes, protect clients' rights regarding the environment. 

The third area is business and commercial real estate transactions. 

This aspect should not be underestimated because today, virtually every business or real estate transaction includes environmental issues. 

Through our deep experience in the matter, we facilitate the sales and purchases of companies, company assets, and real property by devising practical solutions to environmental problems.  We help identify what environmental liabilities exist and counsel clients on how risks can be minimized and best allocated among the parties.  In this area we also advise clients on alternative energy sources, some which are subsidized by the French government.

The Firm has a great deal of experience in that area from having defended clients in important cases regarding for instance the biotope in Camargue and agricultural companies which were victims of the Sharka virus. In this regard, French case law has been shaped by such work.